Hey Look, It's A Shooter That Lets You Dance Gangnam Style

Yesterday, I wrote about taunts—why they're awesome and why people do them. Reader r3dr0x pointed me toward Blacklight: Retribution, a futuristic, free-to-play shooter. Most people know it as the game that lets you see through walls. It's also a game that lets you dance PSY's ultra-popular Gangnam Style. » 1/29/13 6:00pm 1/29/13 6:00pm

Blacklight Shooter Goes Downloadable

Blacklight is a shooter we first heard of around a year ago, and have heard little of since. It's back now, however, and back as a downloadable title for the 360 and PS3. » 3/02/10 4:30am 3/02/10 4:30am

There Are Secret Messages On Your BioShock 2 Posters

A 2K forum poster holding a random blacklight session with his friends discovered scrawled secret messages on the three BioShock 2 posters that were packed in his special edition. Creepy! » 2/23/10 12:20pm 2/23/10 12:20pm

First Look At Blacklight

Zombie Studios, the development team behind the newly-announced Blacklight, have lifted the lid on the game, revealing the first screenshot for the futuristic shooter. » 3/23/09 6:30am 3/23/09 6:30am

Another Game Announcement Comes Via Movie Deal

Few months back, the announcement for Dante's Inferno had its cover blown by an accompanying movie deal. Oops. Today, we learn of another game courtesy not of a proper reveal, but of its licensing deal. » 3/17/09 4:30am 3/17/09 4:30am