Happy Birthday Chun-Li (And Chun-Li's Thighs!)

She's survived fight after after fight, opponent after opponent. She's even made it through woeful Hollywood adaptations. Today, Chun-Li and her thighs turn 43 years old. » 3/01/11 3:00am 3/01/11 3:00am

Happy Birthday ESRB!

Happy Birthday ESRB! Fifteen years ago to the day, SEGA and Nintendo proposed the Entertainment Software Rating Board in the wake of the Mortal Kombat gore game controversy. » 7/29/09 11:00pm 7/29/09 11:00pm

DIY Street Fighter IV Cabinets Make The Best Birthday Presents

What did you get for your birthday? James got a Street Fighter IV cabinet built from scratch by his friends, the lucky bastard. » 3/23/09 6:00am 3/23/09 6:00am

Happy Birthday Sonic!

Seventeen years ago to this day, Sonic spirited onto the Genesis/Mega Drive. And he did it with 'tude. That's right! SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog was released in North America and Europe on June 23, 1991. The game came out a month later in Japan. In his heyday, the blue hedgehog gave Mario as run for his money during the… » 6/24/08 1:00am 6/24/08 1:00am