Adventure Time, LEGO and Linux Combine Into The Perfect PC Life Form

Harnessing the power of the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi microcomputer, the versatility of LEGO bricks and incredibly good taste in television animation, Michael Thomas has created an amazing tribute to Adventure Time's unsung hero, Beemo. Who wants to play video games? » 10/08/13 10:40am 10/08/13 10:40am

This Will Be A Limited Edition BMO Steelbook, With A Game Inside

Yes, BMO — I would like to an Adventure Time video game, but only if it's stuffed inside a metal representation of your perfect form, like the 3DS collector's edition of Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! » 8/15/13 12:08pm 8/15/13 12:08pm