Heroes Of The Storm’s Rexxar/Misha Combo Is A New Kind Of MOBA Character

Heroes of the Storm added the Warcraft duo Rexxar and his pet bear Misha to its character roster yesterday. Like all new MOBA characters, the Manbearpig team feels pretty, well, new! But they feel new for a better reason than most heroes do. Rexxar and Misha are a unique, novel addition to the whole genre. »9/09/15 7:30pm9/09/15 7:30pm


Blizzard Celebrates World Of Warcraft's 4th Anniversary With Baby Bears

Four years ago today (November 23rd), Blizzard threw open the doors to Azeroth and then quickly shut them, opening and closing them several times until they were sure they had enough servers to handle the massive rush of players eager to enter the World of Warcraft. To celebrate 1,460 days of lost time, broken… »11/23/08 12:10am11/23/08 12:10am