Battle Fantasia Goes Downloadable For PS3

More than a year after retail release for the PlayStation 3 in Europe, Arc System Work's Battle Fantasia is finally coming to North America, courtesy of the PlayStation Network. » 7/13/09 3:20pm 7/13/09 3:20pm

Battle Fantasia Launches Today With New Trailer and Screens

A while back we mentioned » 9/19/08 3:00pm 9/19/08 3:00pm that Battle Fantasia - which has been available on PS3 and arcade in Japan - was coming stateside for Xbox 360. If (like me) you've been having the urge to kick the the crap out of each other using quirkly looking characters, you're in luck. You can now go to your local retailer and snag a…

Battle Fantasia Coming To Europe, Bunny Wizard Intact

Battle Fantasia, Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works new fighting game, previously announced for North American release » 8/01/08 11:20am 8/01/08 11:20am, has now been penciled in for a Q1 2009 release in Europe for the Xbox 360 and PS3 courtesy of 505 Games. It's a finely-tuned, RPG -style fighter with characters designed by Guilty Gear's own…

Fall Brings Battle Fantasia To North America

Arc System Works' latest fantasy fighting game is coming to the Xbox 360 this Fall courtesy of Aksys Games, the publisher that would have a much more interesting name if you just switched two letters. Battle Fantasia, already released in Japan on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, blends Arc's trademark high-end… » 7/07/08 2:00pm 7/07/08 2:00pm