We May Soon Have To Tell You Which Games Aren't Coming Out On May 15

Max Payne 3 is coming out on May 15. Diablo III is coming out on May 15. A Game of Thrones game is coming out on May 15. » 4/20/12 10:40am 4/20/12 10:40am

What *Is* PixelJunk Lifelike, Anyway?

If you saw the debut trailer for Q-Games' new project Lifelike, you probably thought to yourself "Uh... what?" Fortunately, we caught up with Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert and visual artist-musician Baiyon at TGS to learn more about the PixelJunk spin-off. » 9/16/10 3:00pm 9/16/10 3:00pm

Here's The Pixeljunk Lifelike Debut Video

What did I just see? I'm not sure. That mushroom imagery with the PlayStation Move wand was plenty suggestive, though. This is the TGS video for PixelJunk Lifelike, Q-Games' new endeavor, featuring art and music from Baiyon from PixelJunk Eden. » 9/15/10 8:50pm 9/15/10 8:50pm

Q-Games Updates Us On PixelJunk Eden, Dungeons And 4

While waiting to speak with Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert and PixelJunk Eden artist Baiyon, we burned through a new level from the PixelJunk Eden Encore expansion, enjoying the new "mirror mode" gameplay. » 3/30/09 7:20pm 3/30/09 7:20pm