That Giant Statue Over There? It's of the World's Best Gamer.

Hey, it's Athene, the self-styled (and partly accurate) "world's best gamer"3. Hitting the streets in one of his "IRL" videos. It starts as though it's going to be four-and-a-half minutes of painful trolling, but actually turns into a pretty neat "man on the street" interview with one serious World of Warcraft player. »10/04/12 1:00am10/04/12 1:00am

Athene, The 'Best Gamer In The World,' Is Taking Your Questions Right Now

Surely you've heard of Athene, right? He's the best gamer in the world! He's got all kinds of world records, in everything from World of Warcraft to online poker. He can beat Diablo III's first boss in less than a second. His online fans are legion, and with their help he's farmed the most powerful weapons, beaten… »7/24/12 1:45pm7/24/12 1:45pm