The Craziest Testosterone-Filled Japanese Video Game Characters

When it comes to Japanese developers, creating crazy, nice games isn't the only thing they're good at; they also design characters with pumped-to-the-max muscles, half of which don't even exist in real life and have the size of a truck. And they are all really serious about beating the hell out of everyone around them. »2/13/13 8:00am2/13/13 8:00am

Capcom Teases Intra-Company Crossover With Asura vs. Ryu Image

You've got to hand it to Capcom: they're not above crossing the streams to see what happens when their franchise characters meet up with other brawlers. Whether it's the Marvel vs. Capcom series, X-Men vs. Street Fighter or Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, the powers-that-be at the Oska-based publisher will pit Ryu and crew… »2/20/12 2:30pm2/20/12 2:30pm

Asura’s Wrath Demo on January 10th Lets You Try Out 2012’s Angriest Game

They crank out a lot of Street Fighter and Resident Evil but Capcom also has a history of putting out weird, unique games like Okami, God Hand and Viewtiful Joe. Rageaholic adventure Asura's Wrath seems to follow in the legacy of such idiosyncratic games. We've written a bit about the mythological sci-fi action… »12/15/11 5:40pm12/15/11 5:40pm