Last Year's Portable Batman Hits Consoles and PC in April

Two Batman games came out last year. The big console version, Batman: Arkham Origins, came from a new development studio. That game's overshadowed, on-the-go semi-sequel Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate came from Armature, a collective of creators who helped make the great Metroid Prime games. Previously released… »2/20/14 10:00am2/20/14 10:00am


Armature Founders on the 'Unsustainable' Business Model

As we mentioned earlier this week, three former members of Retro Studios ( Metroid Prime »9/21/08 1:30pm9/21/08 1:30pm) have and created Armature Studio. Mark Pacini, Todd Keller and Jack Mathews, three key development figures behind the franchise, chatted with Gamasutra about their reasons for creating a new studio, as well as the problems they…