Archlord Buckles Swashes Worldwide

Webzen has officially launched European and North American servers for MMO Archlord, picking up where Codemasters left off and delivering a brand new Swashbuckler character class to the West in the process. » 10/08/09 12:40pm 10/08/09 12:40pm

Codemasters Says Goodbye To ArchLord

Codemasters has lost the rights to operate its first free-to-play MMO ArchLord in North America and Europe, but a new operator is stepping up to make sure the players can keep playing. » 9/01/09 12:20pm 9/01/09 12:20pm

Codemasters Details Archlord Update

Codemasters Online's free-to-play MMO ArchLord is technically getting a bit more free as the company readies the third free expansion pack, Episode 3: Spirits Awakening, which adds "up to 30% new game content". I am assuming they measured that out using suitably scientific methods. The update will introduce 3 new… » 6/20/08 11:40am 6/20/08 11:40am

Over 500,000 People Play ArchLord

Did ArchLord get better while I wasn't looking, or is crap really better when it's free? Either way, Codemasters Online is pleased as punch to announce that their world-domination MMORPG ArchLord has surpassed half a million player across the Western hemisphere. ArchLord went free to play in August of last year,… » 5/22/08 11:40am 5/22/08 11:40am