The PS3 Game You Can Play On Your Computer Browser

Imageepoch, the Japanese role-playing game developer known for the Arc Rise Fantasia series and the salacious Criminal Girls, is working on its first PS3 game. But, it's not only a PS3 game. » 11/24/10 8:30am 11/24/10 8:30am

A Heartwarming Look At Arc Rise Fantasia

Imageepoch's Arc Rise Fantasia is coming to the Wii in June courtesy of Ignition Entertainment, who's passed along this exclusive look at the characters and environments of the turn-based role-playing game. » 5/10/10 4:20pm 5/10/10 4:20pm

Arc Rise Fantasia Is As Pretty As Eight New Pictures

Ignition Entertainment is gearing up to release "the definitive JRPG for the Wii" this summer, and eight new screenshots show us how much that looks like a Namco Bandai Tales of Something title. » 2/26/10 12:40pm 2/26/10 12:40pm

Arc Rise Fantasia Looks Like This

Here's a set of screens for Arc Rise Fantasia for the Wii, to go along with the announcement that Ignition Entertainment will be publishing the game in North America next summer. » 10/22/09 3:20pm 10/22/09 3:20pm

Ignition Brings Arc Rise Fantasia Westward

Ignition Entertainment and Marvelous Entertainment have announced that the former will be responsible for publishing Imageepoch's turn-based Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia in Summer 2010. » 10/22/09 11:40am 10/22/09 11:40am

Arc Rise Fantasia Covers Up Itself

Screenshots for upcoming role-playing-game Arc Rise Fantasia featured a female character Lesley with the lower part of her breasts exposed. That is, before the Wii game's website was relaunched. » 3/31/09 4:00am 3/31/09 4:00am