Yep, Broadcasting Porn in Public Will Get You Arrested in China

This week the Chinese city of Pingdingshan got an eyeful. Twenty minutes of a Japanese adult film were broadcasted on a big screen display, for all to see.

Police arrested a furniture store employee for piping the film through a PC to the big screen. The big screen was part of an advertisement for the furniture… »6/22/12 5:00am6/22/12 5:00am

Man Wanted Porn Star to Follow Him on Twitter. She Didn't, So He Took Legal Action.

On Twitter, just because you follow someone, that doesn't mean that person will follow you back. That's just how it works.

Aoi Sola is one of Japan's most popular adult video actresses. She also has a huge following in China. No wonder she has over 300,000 Twitter followers. People love Aoi Sola. »5/03/12 5:45am5/03/12 5:45am