Yep, Deadly Premonition Is Coming to Steam. Along With 13 Other Games

Rather impressively, it only took six days for the community to put Deadly Premonition on Steam. That's pretty quick. Of course, SWERY's quirky horror game isn't the only title we'll get to play on Steam thanks to Greenlight. There's 13 more games (and two software titles) to look at, so let's dive right in! » 7/25/13 5:40am 7/25/13 5:40am

Among the Sleep Has A Playable Alpha, and It's Terrifying

First-person horror game/toddler simulator Among the Sleep now has a playable alpha you can try out. It starts out innocently enough, with your mum singing you to sleep, but from there, it goes downhill. Rapidly. Also, their Kickstarter managed to hit its funding goal. Huzzah! » 5/15/13 6:00am 5/15/13 6:00am

The Horror Game Where You Play As A Toddler Still Looks Eerie Despite…

Remember Among The Sleep? It's that game by Krillbrite studio where you play as a two year old who has yet to "develop a full sense of reality, making you weak and susceptible to the horrifying creatures inhabiting your nightmares." If you've forgotten, this is your reminder that This Cool Game Still Exists. » 1/21/13 3:30pm 1/21/13 3:30pm