You Can Finally Read Alan Moore's Out-of-Print Superhero Masterpiece

Sure, you know about Alan Moore's must-read work on Watchmen, From Hell or Swamp Thing. But one of his earliest triumphs has been out of print for a long, long time. Now, it's returning and we talk about whether Miracleman is worth your time. » 1/23/14 11:00am 1/23/14 11:00am

Three Graphic Novels That Might Make This The Greatest Week of New…

Tomorrow, you will be able to walk into a comics shop (yes, they still exist, despite me downloading most of comics to an iPad), and you will be able to buy three graphic novels. One is by Grant Morrison. One is by Eddie Campbell. One is by Alan Moore.

Morrison and Moore are merely two of the most acclaimed comics… » 6/26/12 3:20pm 6/26/12 3:20pm

Calm Down, Before Watchmen Won't Be the End Times for Comics Creativity

If you listen to certain corners of the internet, the souls of comics fans everywhere are going to cry out for justice come June 6th. That's when DC Comics starts rolling out Before Watchmen » 3/20/12 3:01pm 3/20/12 3:01pm, the controversial prequels to Alan Moore's beloved dystopian superhero opus. Written and drawn by legendary creators Alan…

V for Vendetta's Creators on Creating a Protest Symbol

Whether it be Anonymous standing up to Scientology or protestors in Zuccotti Park, the Guy Fawkes mask has become an iconic protest symbol. The mask was originally created by Warner Bros. to promote the 2005 film V for Vendetta. It has since taken on a life of its own. » 11/28/11 8:00am 11/28/11 8:00am

A new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and more Halo are Among the…

Ever Wednesday there are new comics in comics shops and available for (legitimate) download. But there aren't new Alan Moore comics, every Wednesday, so this one is special! » 7/27/11 8:00pm 7/27/11 8:00pm

Comic Legend Alan Moore Teases Video Game Project

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Watchmen writer Alan Moore is famous for not wanting to see the properties he creates for comic books taken outside of the medium, but what about properties created with multiple mediums in mind? At a recent question and answer session celebrating his magazine Dodgem Logic,… » 5/06/11 12:20pm 5/06/11 12:20pm

Does Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Fail The Rorschach Test?

Warner Bros. Interactive's Watchmen: The End is Nigh is caught in the awkward place between being a comic book game and a movie game. » 2/11/09 8:30pm 2/11/09 8:30pm