Prepare For A Return To The Afterlife

We're running a religion theme week here on Kotaku. And it would wrong - no, it would be a sin - if we went those seven days without once mentioning Afterlife, a 1996 strategy game by Lucasarts. » 4/07/10 5:30am 4/07/10 5:30am

XI: Thou Shalt Not Smush Goombas

Swear, I'm not turning Sundays on Kotaku into Pastor Owen's Hour of Power. GamePolitics found a discussion on the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (Lutherans: no serpent handling, but one hell of a fish fry) that asks whether virtual killin' — suicide included — is a sin in the eyes of God. Answer: Not reeeeally » 9/21/08 6:00pm 9/21/08 6:00pm.…