Afrika Release Date, Price Announced (Not By David Attenborough)

Afrika, Sony's upcoming entry in the burgeoning savannah-wildlife-photojounalist-sim genre, has been given a final release date and price. It'll be out on August 28, and will cost ¥5980 (USD$56), which is a bit of a worry. I'd presumed this would be a neat little addition to the PSN's lineup. A different way to blow… »6/10/08 1:30am6/10/08 1:30am

A First Look at Afrika's Beanie-Wearing, Robot-Controlling Player

Not only does Afrika let you take pictures of lots of high-res animals, but you get to control those little remote camera bots and run! Seriously though, I am looking forward to this game. It looks like it's going to be a blast. I do hope they squeeze in some need facts about the animals while they're at it, this… »6/06/08 10:00am6/06/08 10:00am

Afrika Trailer Released, Answers "What's This Game About"?

A trailer for Sony's Afrika was released today on the Japanese PlayStation Store. It looks, I'm surprised to say, pretty amazing (I'm due for a break from all this killing, you see). You are indeed a photojournalist, running around the grasslands trying to take PERFECT, HORROR and hopefully EROTIC shots of animals… »6/06/08 3:30am6/06/08 3:30am

Afrika Out This August, To Feature Photojournalist?

Japanese game retailer Game Star has posted a description of upcoming PS3 title Afrika along with release date info. Until now, info about the game has been scant, but according to Game Star, players take on the role of a photojournalist (and not actually as animals as some originally thought!). "The photojournalist… »6/03/08 11:00pm6/03/08 11:00pm