Gaming Accessibility Project Hopes To Help More Developers Make Games…

There are two kinds of accessibility that come up in gaming discussions. One is that understanding how a game works, or how to master it, can often be impenetrable to the newbie. But the other is that no matter how experienced a gamer is, if he or she has certain disabilities, the games can be literally almost… » 9/04/12 11:30am 9/04/12 11:30am

Retro Remakes Competition To Create A 'Game For Helen'

The Retro Remakes competition » 9/03/08 4:20pm 9/03/08 4:20pm has returned for 2008, this time with a charitable twist. As well as five categories for different types of remake or tribute retro game (see for the full list), this year's competition features a special 'Game For Helen' category that challenges coders to create a retro videogame for…

Rock Band Accessibility Mod Makes Wheelchair Rockin' Possible

Accessibility may not be the sexiest aspect of gaming, but my God do I have a burning lust for it. Take this Rock Band mod for example, one from a company called Kinetic. According to the folks at Kinetic, the mod was devised for "an aspiring Rock Star who happens to be in a wheelchair" who was "disappointed because… » 6/02/08 9:40pm 6/02/08 9:40pm