Is that... a Link to the future? Digital artist Jamie Boylan on DeviantART created one of the weirdest (in a good way!) pieces of Legend of Zelda fan arts. You can't say it lacks enough twists. » 1/07/14 8:30am 1/07/14 8:30am

A Link To The Future: what if A Link To The Past had the wall-merging mechanic that appears in the newer Zelda, A Link Between Worlds? Well, then it might look a little like this awesome GIF by johanvinet. (Via Tiny Cartridge) » 12/09/13 7:00pm 12/09/13 7:00pm

See All of Ocarina of Time's Overworld Remapped in A Link to the Past's…

Continuing today's theme of "Superhuman Efforts that Deserve a Standing Ovation," we now turn our attention to The Legend of Zelda. MaJoRa, a member of the Zelda Fan Game Central community, has rendered all of the overworld from Ocarina of Time in the 2D style of A Link to the Past. » 4/22/12 2:00pm 4/22/12 2:00pm

Miyamoto Says He’d Like to Make a Spiritual Sequel to A Link to the Past

It's been a long time since Shigeru Miyamoto's directly worked on a Legend of Zelda game. 1991, to be exact. That's the year that the classic A Link to the Past hit the SNES. Now, recent remarks from Nintendo's creative leader make it sound like he'd be up for revisiting that chapter of Link's video game life. » 4/12/12 3:30pm 4/12/12 3:30pm