How to Buy an HDTV

If there's one thing that actually sorta makes sense to buy on Black Friday, it's an HDTV—many are crazy discounted. But picking out an HDTV can be a big ball of suck. That's where this guide comes in. » 11/26/10 12:52pm 11/26/10 12:52pm

Even The People Selling 3D TVs Know The Hype Seems Like A Joke

Samsung viral ad for their 3D TVs, full of silly 3D versions of classic paintings. Imagine if 3D TVs could be half as superfluous for video games. Via Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford's Twitter feed. » 4/13/10 9:30pm 4/13/10 9:30pm

3D TV Sets Aren't Great For Drinkers, Kids, Pregnant Women Or The…

If James Cameron, Nintendo and Sony have anything to say about it, 3D is the future not just of movies, but of gaming as well. I wonder, though, if they'd read the safety guidelines before getting so carried away. » 4/13/10 12:30am 4/13/10 12:30am

BlitzTech Unveils Stereoscopic 3D Engine

As anyone who tried to play Magic Carpet in its ludicrous/innovative Magic Eye mode will tell you, niche 3D display technology can be more trouble than its worth. » 12/02/08 7:20pm 12/02/08 7:20pm