Japanese Internet Mogul Hit with Drug Accusations

In the West, Reddit says it's the front page of the internet. But in Japan, it's not. The internet in Japan is dominated by 2channel. It's where news—whether that's political or video game news—disseminates. It's the center of online culture. And apparently, drugs.

That's perhaps why today drug charges were brought… »12/20/12 4:30am12/20/12 4:30am

This Desktop Design for Gaming Addicts Would "Ruin" Humanity

Sometimes you settle in for some PC gaming or web surfing. And you just don't get up. You can feel your bum go numb and the chair meld into your skin. Surely, you know the feeling.

If so, maybe the above internet-produced desktop design would appeal to you. And if it appealed to enough people, it would probably end… »11/30/12 7:00am11/30/12 7:00am

Japan's Biggest Web Forum "Facilitating" Drug Trafficking

Online in Japan, the vast majority of game news first hits 2ch. And it's not just games—so much news is shared through 2ch threads. It's a wealth of information. It's a wealth of rumors. Apparently, it's also a wealth of drugs.

Last December, word broke that 2ch could be covered in illicit substances. There were… »5/11/12 4:01am5/11/12 4:01am