What Was Inside Curiosity's Cube? 'The Ability to be a Digital God'

Curiosity, a mobile game experiment that began six months ago as a collective effort to excavate a giant cube and discover a magical secret at its center, has been completed. The winner, whom creator Peter Molyneux identified as Bryan Henderson of Edinburgh, Scotland, will become the all-ruling god of Molyneux's next… »5/26/13 11:44am5/26/13 11:44am

The Curiosity Team is Working Hard to Compensate for Your Boundless Enthusiasm

Peter Molyneux and his team at 22cans are a visionary group, but that vision didn't include a million people eager to find out what's inside the cube in the developer's first foray into experimental mobile games. Today 22cans thanks tappers for their patience and promises to fix the connection and coin-retention… »11/09/12 11:55am11/09/12 11:55am

Grand Gaming Experiment Curiosity Launches, Players Tap Out Dirty Words

Curiosity, the first experimental game from Peter Molyneux's 22 Cans, is an iOS app that invites the entire world to tap away at a gigantic multilayered cube, revealing its secrets pixel-by-pixel. A "life-changing" secret awaits the single player that makes it to the center. Right now it says "Fuckers" on the side of… »11/06/12 9:55am11/06/12 9:55am

How 22 Cans, and Other Experiments, Really Can Change Gaming Forever

Over the decades and centuries, many conventions we now take for granted in film, literature, photography, and so on first came from independent, experimental artists. It has seemed like common sense, then, to assume that the next best innovations in gaming would come from a vibrant indie scene, and from gaming… »6/18/12 1:00pm6/18/12 1:00pm