Battlefront.com/1C Launch Theatre Of War 2 Developer Diary

Battlefront.com and developers 1C have launched a developer diary for their upcoming strategy sequel Theatre Of War 2 : North Africa 1943 »9/03/08 5:40pm9/03/08 5:40pm. The diary is the product of all the designers and coders who are working on the title & is intended to illustrate the kind of decisions and creative choices that go in to making a…

First Wow, Now Age of Conan: Russian Faints From Excitement

If Russia were a 5-year-old boy wearing overalls he'd be jumping up and down right now laughing hysterically, waving his over-sized lollipop about in glee. (Yes, that's how I picture Russia) Funcom just announced that they have signed an agreement with 1C to fully localize the voice and text for a Russian version of… »7/31/08 11:00am7/31/08 11:00am