This is truly a do-it-yourself item. In more ways than one, that is.

Japanese Twitter user ZMD11S uploaded photos of this customized Gundam model with wings made from a Tenga masturbation aid. That’s right, this is not available in stores, nor is it an official product.

[Photo: ZMD11S]


[Photo: ZMD11S]

If you have a dick, or if there is a dick around you, do not put it in here.


[Photo: ZMD11S]

The two wings come together (word choice, sorry!) to form a giant Tenga cannon that, as ZMD11S points out, can only fire once.

[Photo: ZMD11S]

Needless to say, these photos have been retweeted many more times than that. As of writing, they’ve crossed over the 22,700 times mark.

Top image: ZMD11S

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