Have ever wondered what would happen if a pro gamer suddenly left a match to go to the toilet? This, it seems.

Seon “Space” Ho-san, who plays for South Korea’s CJ Entus, paused and left for the restroom in a match against KT Rolster. The teams were tied one to one, with each winning a match. They were 45 minutes into the third match when Space apparently felt nature call.

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KT Rolster players and fans were not happy, because Space’s tinkle break disrupted the match’s flow.

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He was gone for only a minute or so, and his team CJ Entus then won the match within a few minutes of resuming play.

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CJ Entus is so happy!

According to Daily eSports (via tipster Sang), Space said he was dehydrated from a cold and was drinking lots of water. He said that he went to the bathroom before the match, but still needed to go and couldn’t hold it anymore. He also added that he had apparently asked a ref for a toilet break and got the a-okay. Space apologized and said that he’ll try to, I guess, pee more before each match.

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Daily eSports explains that there is a league rule allowing players to request a temporary pause due to, for example, an illness or an injury. The ref can then make a decision, which can also include penalizing a team for requesting such a pause.


However, seeming to prevent what could be a new urine-induced strategy, Riot Korea issued CJ Entus a warning for the bathroom break incident.

You can watch all the matches here.

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