I think we can all agree: This room has the best view in Tokyo.

On April 24, the Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku will kick off its grand opening in monster style. Godzilla style.

The 30-story hotel sits atop the Shinjuku's Toho Cinema (Toho, of course, made the kaiju famous) and features a couple Godzilla-themed chambers.


[Photo: Bluestyle]

A huge Godzilla head is being constructed and will peek out of the Toho Cinema's roof, looking over the Shinjuku streets below.


[Photo: Cinema Cafe]

As you can see in these renders featured on website Cinema Cafe, there will also be an observation deck for pointing and gawking and putting your arm around dates. Unless you go alone like that guy in the suit.

[Photo: Cinema Cafe]

There's the appropriately named "Godzilla Room," which is filled with Godzilla memorabilia, including a large statue of the kaiju as well as the creature's hand reaching into the room. Below are renderings of the room.

[Photos: WHG事業グループ 藤田観光]

Even the restroom is covered in 'Zilla.

[Photo: Mainichi]

The Hotel Gracery has two more themed lodgings called the Godzilla View Rooms, which have windows that looks out directly at the adjacent giant Godzilla head. The Godzilla can watch you as you sleep.

[Photo: Mainichi]

The Godzilla Room is 39,800 yen (US$ 334) during weekdays and 49,800 yen ($417) during weekends and holidays. There are two Godzilla View Rooms available, with each a single starting at 15,000 yen ($125) a night.

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