The Best Desk For Gaming

The Best Desk For Gaming

Taking down as many votes as the other four nominees combined, the IKEA Galant is your choice for Best Gaming Desk. The Galant is deceptively simple at first, but a variety of permutations and configuration options, as well as its adjustable height, universal aesthetics, and 10-year limited warranty make it a great choice for a wide range of users. Did we mention all that surface area? [IKEA]

If you don't have access to an IKEA, the Walker Edison Soreno and Bush Cabot L would be next in line. We'll also throw the Martha Stewart Blair Desk featured in this Lifehacker piece into the mix.

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Five Best Desks For Gaming

Five Best Desks For Gaming

Establishing your top five nominees for Best Desk For Gaming was just scratching the surface. Now it's time to vote.

I'll be outlining your nominees in the comments section, and you'll be using the recommendation button to cast your vote, so star those comments carefully. We of course also encourage you to comment on each nominee with your case for or against it.

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