Eating Häagen-Dazs Vegetable Flavored Ice Cream

How about some nice Häagen-Dazs ice cream? With tomatoes and cherries? If that's not your thing, you can always try carrots and oranges. Japanese site Gigazine did just that.

As previously mentioned, Häagen-Dazs has released some interesting flavors in Japan. But these might be the most interesting. Ever.

Eating Häagen-Dazs Vegetable Flavored Ice Cream


For the tomato and cherry flavor, Gigazine reported that that the first impression is tasting tomato juice, followed by a sweet flavor. It's not a sweet tomato flavor, but rather, it apparently tastes like sugary has been added.

Eating Häagen-Dazs Vegetable Flavored Ice Cream

From the sound of it, however, the carrot and orange ice cream has a strong carrot taste, followed by the bitterness of an orange peel, which apparently cuts out the earthy carrot flavor. That being said, it does seems like carrots and oranges are a pretty good match. And this ice cream is apparently sweet as well.

Eating Häagen-Dazs Vegetable Flavored Ice Cream

Gigazine says these unusual ice creams might seem like a suitable after dinner treat, but notes that they might not go well with coffee or tea. How about a plate of lettuce?


ハーゲンダッツスプーンベジ「トマトチェリー」&「キャロットオレンジ」は野菜が主役の斬新な味 [Gigazine]

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