If you own an arcade with claw games, this guy is the last person you want to see.

In China, Chen Zhitong has nabbed thousands of plush toys thanks to his claw game skills. According to Net Ease and ShanghaiIst, rooms of his house are now filled with his arcade spoils.

Chen says he doesn’t spend more than what the plushie is worth, and if he can’t snag it, he stops. ShanghaiIst reports that arcade owners even ask him not to play their machines.


[Photo: Net Ease]

“The first time I played was last year in July, it was really random, I saw the machine in the entrance of a supermarket,” he said (via ShanghaiIst). “I didn’t think much of it, it was just a way to kill time.”


For Chen, it’s a matter of judging the claw’s shakiness to see if it’s even possible to win prizes.

[Photo: Net Ease]

The most he’s gotten in one session is over a hundred stuffed toys. “I’m not actually interested in the dolls themselves, it’s the process of getting them, it’s pretty exciting.”

[Photo: Net Ease]

His collection, however, has become massive, far surpassing other “claw game masters.” According to Chen (via ShanghaiIst), “I once saw a university student put online a picture of his collection, saying ‘Claw machine owners are already crying their hearts out!’ I l saw it and laughed it off, it wasn’t even one tenth of my collection, thank you very much.”

Top photos: Net Ease

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