Nintendo is releasing two new colors in Japan. One is "Mint x White", while the other color is... white plus light mint blue speech bubbles with a yellow thought bubble?

The Mint x White 3DS XL goes on sale April 18 and is priced like other 3DS XL units in Japan (¥18,900, $196).

The other 3DS XL uses the Mint x White color scheme in a different way and is part of a Tomodachi Collection New Life bundle that comes with a download collection of the new Tomodachi Collection life simulator game. It's priced at ¥22,800 ($237) and goes on sale also on April 18.


Japan Gets New 3DS XL Colors Japan Gets New 3DS XL Colors

To see the upcoming Tomodachi Collection in action, check out this video.

ニンテンドー3DS LLに新色「ミント×ホワイト」を追加 [任天堂]


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