If you're going to make a game about juggling cats in the air using your head and feet, you better have a damn good reason for the simulated animal cruelty. I'd say the threat of feline impact craters fits the bill.

This is Hackycat, a game by artist-illustrator Ken Wong, also known as the art director of Alice: Madness Returns. See, it all begins to make sense.

For his first solo project, Wong decided to create a game in which the player must tap collectible cartoon cats in order to keep them from hitting the ground. See, some cruel god created a special species of kitty that detonates on contact with terra firma—frankly I'm astounded they survived long enough to be gamified.


As with traditional juggling objects, keeping a single cat in the air is no problem. Keeping two is harder. Three is a real challenge. Four is crazy buckets. Five... well, you get the idea.

Thankfully Wong also included a means to dispose of the flying kitty—bombs. Collect enough cheeseburgers (yes, he went there) gives the player a superkick, which I'm assuming sends the cats involved into orbit, where they never need fear touching the ground again—or breathing, but that's beside the point.


It sounds awfully horrible, but it's a great deal of joy. Check out those Wes Anderson-inspired visuals.

Packed with collectible kittens, power-ups, cruel birds and the odd unlockable character (no seriously, he's really odd), Hackeycat contains hours upon hours of good time, just waiting for you to kick it. Meow.


You Have to Kick These Cats. It Keeps Them From Exploding.
  • Genre: Sports, I Guess?
  • Developer: Ken Wong
  • Platform: iPhone, iPad
  • Price: $.99
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