With Valentine's Day putting us all in a romantic mood it was our duty to gather some of the defining aaaawww moments video games offer.

A great deal of game endings below so watch out for heavy spoilers!

The Ending Of The First Prince Of Persia

source: Prince Of Persia Final Level

Nate And Elena In Uncharted 3

source: MiyuDevaughn's LP

Holding Hands In ICO

source: The Bridge Scene In ICO

The Ballroom Dance And Fireworks Scene in Final Fantasy VIII

source: MasterLL's LP

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts Ending

source: Thetwodud's LP

Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link's Ending

source: LaiSteve66's LP

Yuna And Tidus' First Kiss In Final Fantasy X

source: Final Fantasy Union

Aladdin's Ending

source: ka6Scope's LP

Katherine's True Ending In Catherine

source: theRadBrad's LP

The Ending Of The Secret Of Monkey Island

source: Monkey Island Wiki

The Ending Of Revenge Of Shinobi

source: jay4gamers1's LP

Mario Saves Princess Peach In The Enhanced Version Of Super Mario Bros. In Super Mario All-Stars

source: Artificialraven's LP, header pic is Limeknight's My Greatest Hero fan art on Deviantart




These are not the only lucky video game characters, so submit your picks with visuals in the comments below.

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