How To Solve Problems, If You Are Gandalf

Flowcharts sure can be helpful. They allow us to break down life's challenges in a logical way. They can help us decide what to eat, or whether or not to ask our friends to give us a loan. And, if we're a wizard in Middle Earth, they can help decide whether to call in the eagles, resurrect, or phone a hobbit.

This flowchart from LOTRProject offers a helpful guide for Gandalf problem-solving.

How To Solve Problems, If You Are Gandalf


It's goofy, sure, but it also points to how Gandalf's methods for getting out of scrapes have become somewhat clichéd, which is something I didn't like about The Hobbit.

If you were Gandalf, would you solve problems this way? Would you abuse your Eagle-summoning powers to make trips to the corner store? I probably would.

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(Via Laughing Squid)