Our good friends at t-shirt company Meatbun are selling two official Kotaku shirts.

The first, pictured above and dubbed "Kotaku-Tan II," is the work of the amazing Dan Dussault. He was inspired by the just-a-wee-bit-more-amazing Frank Frazetta. Our warrior lady is surrounded by trolls from Dragon Quest, EverQuest, Skyrim and World of Warcraft. Yours for $24 (The shirt is black, if that matters to you).

Oh, but maybe you don't want a warrior woman on your American Apparel-based t-shirt!


Fine. How about a "K"?

These Are the Official Kotaku T-Shirts You're Looking For

This alternate design was made by one Patrick Gerrity. He was not inspired by Frank Frazetta. At least, he wasn't this time. This shirt also can be had for $24.


Perhaps you just can't decide. Or perhaps your torso is really cold and you need to layer up. Then buy both shirts. Meatbun will sell you them for $39. Ask for the Combo Pack.


Thanks, in advance, for wearing a Kotaku shirt. You're welcome, in advance, for all the compliments you'll receive.