It's a double-feature PC hardware review this evening, as I take a look at not one but two of Roccat's latest offerings, the ISKU FX kedyboard and the Savu gaming mouse.

One, I liked. The other, not so much.


ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard


1000Hz polling rate
2m USB cable
5x Macro keys
3x "Thumbster" Macro keys
Customisable lighting

SAVU Gaming Mouse


2x programmable buttons
Customisable lighting


ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard

Rough - On the whole, it's built real tough. It's weird that there's a point on the box saying it's got "battle-ready stability", but it really does. Once you put this thing down, it takes a lot of work to budge it. Most of the keyboard feels strong and well-made as well.

Colours - If you hate lights and colours on your keyboard, that's fine. If you like the effect, though, the ISKU lets you customise the bejesus out of it, running the entire colour spectrum. Just in case you enjoy your evening sessions to be a nice light pink.

SAVU Gaming Mouse

Finish - I love the materials used on it. The matte material on the top is comfortable and smooth, but the "no sweat" side grips are even better. They don't literally stop you sweating, but what they do stop is that slick grime you accumulate on smoother surfaces.

Tough - Aside from some slightly cheap "easy shift" buttons on the side, the main parts of the mouse—the build quality, the primary buttons and the wheel—felt "heavy".

Sharp - Roccat says it's the world's only 4000dpi mouse. I don't know if mice needed to go that high, but I do know this thing is fast, and it's precise.


ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard

MIA - At $90, the fact this isn't a mechanical keyboard hurts its prospects as a serious gaming keyboard. As does the fact it's missing features like external USB ports and audio jacks.

Wrists - The ISKU FX ships with an enormous wristguard. Which you can't remove. It constantly hung over the edge of my desk while testing, which got real annoying real fast.

SAVU Gaming Mouse

Light - This is totally a preference thing, I know, but I found the SAVU to be a little on the light side. If you like a "floating" feeling, then disregard, but since you can't customise the weight of this thing be warned that if you need a little more heft, this isn't for you.


The ISKU suffers from being stuck in the awkward spot between budget gear and more serious hardware, in terms of both its price and its features. Yes, it's got lighting options and a ton of macro keys, but at $90 you're getting close to gear like Corsair's excellent K60, which as just one example of a mechanical keyboard is I think a much better option for a serious gamer.

The SAVU is much better. At $70, it gets the balance right, trading fluff like extra buttons for strong build quality and excellent performance. It may not be as sexy as other gaming mice, but for a no-frills gamer it's a good option.