This Week in the Business: 'Prospects for PS Vita in 2013 Don't Look Any Rosier.'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Prospects for PS Vita in 2013 don't look any rosier."—West Coast editor for, Steve Peterson, outlines the biggest losers of 2012 and why Sony's portable unfortunately made the list.

QUOTE | "I played Mario Galaxy 2 for about an hour before I was bored shitless."—Dan Marshall of Size 5 Games, talking with other developers about the state of the game industry and why Nintendo is struggling.


QUOTE | "Our conclusion is the Nintendo Wii U launch has been slightly disappointing."—Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia, talking about their assessment of the Wii U's sales so far.

QUOTE | "We've seen them iterate and polish their ideas to a shine, and now we're seeing them beat those same ideas into the ground."—Brendan Sinclair, GamesIndustry International journalist, talking with other journalists about whether game quality is declining.


QUOTE | "Flat is the new up."—John Davison, formerly head of GameSpot and Metacritic, talking about the viewer numbers for game-related sites, and the future of gaming journalism.

QUOTE | "It makes Facebook a fantastic core option for gamers."—Dusty Welch, CEO of U4iA Games, talking about their new FPS game Offensive Combat and the future of core gaming on Facebook

STAT | 425 million—Number of Internet-connected devices in American homes, compared to only 315 million residents; game consoles are the third-largest category of online devices.

STAT | 1.76 billion—Number of apps downloaded between Christmas and New Year's Day; app downloads are expected to hit 1 billion per week on a regular basis sometime this year.

QUOTE | "The Smart TV is lying face-down in a stagnant pond unless it has its 'iPhone moment.'"—Rob Fahey, former editor of, talking about why Smart TVs will not be the next big gaming platform.

STAT | $2.6 million—Amount of money raised by the Humble Indie Bundle 7; the money is shared by the game developers and the Child's Play charity.

This Week in the Business courtesy of GamesIndustry International
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