A grab bag full of silly exploitables from the 2012 Video Game Awards, from Snoop Lion to Cliff Bleszinski to our own Stephen Totilo and, of course, Samuel L. Jackson, supplied the grist for this week's edition of the Kotaku 'Shop Contest. We've got the exclusive world premiere of a dozen finalists inside, including overall winner AirCairo!

Getting started, docherty's (3) head swap may be obligatory, but it's damn good—Totilo with hair looks like a teenager, and Bleszinski without it looks like my high school's football coach.

There were plenty of variants on the Cliff-and-Stephen-on-a-date theme, such as justaguylol's (8), the best-done of that theme. bigtimeevans (2) has the two holding hands in the car, but it's meant to re-enact Thelma and Louise. No word if Cliff is working on an adaptation.


francispwilson (4) dug deep and gave us, literally, a VGA Presto Magix set—very impressive. Shadoroch (10) and uscg_pa (11) delivered some great wildcards. Greg the Mad (5) violates nearly every unwritten rule against getting a finalist's berth—very little image editing, the joke is entirely in the text, but dammit, this was funny, and proof that there are no rules in the 'Shop Contest.

Krystian (9) and AirCairo (1) took on Snoop as a subject. As a timely joke and a well-done 'Shop, I've got to give AirCairo the overall finalist nod. Great job.

Thanks to everyone who entered; we'll be back with another 'Shop Contest tomorrow.





Greg the Mad