Capcom is sponsoring an art installation in East London. That sounds innocuous, except that said art installation is at the Smithfield Meat Market, and is called "Wesker & Son Resident Evil Human Butchery."

Well, that's certainly one way to get attention for next week's release of Resident Evil 6.

The meat market is not, of course, selling actual human meat, but they are selling meat, mostly pork varieties, rather disturbingly shaped to resemble humans. Along with a variety of human ears, hands, feet, and heads, brave consumers can also purchase carefully recreated sausage fingers and, yes, phalluses.


Neatorama reports that proceeds from the sale of the creepy meat will go to the Limbless Association, a UK-based nonprofit that helps amputees and others who have lost a limb.

There are a few choice (and disturbing) images of the meat market at the bottom of this post, or hit up either of the links for more. I, meanwhile, stumbled across these images before lunch and am now debating whether or not I in fact ever need to eat again. Currently leaning toward "no."

Wesker & Son Resident Evil Human Butchery [Neatorama]


Human meat – Wesker and Son butchers at Smithfield Market [Picky Glutton via Grist — some images NSFW]

(Top photo: Neatorama)

(Picky Glutton)



(Picky Glutton)