You Can Drive A Cab, Shoot A Deer, Dance On Stage, And Hit A Ball In Yakuza 5 In the Yakuza series, the protagonists do many things: Lead mobs, beat each other up, meet porn stars in clubs … Now, in Yakuza 5 , it looks like we'll be offered another perspective on the multiple protagonists where they'll partake in other activities while they don't pursue suspects, solve mysteries, or uncover conspiracies.

Yakuza 5 will feature "Another Drama" chapters outside from the main story showing a different side of each character. So far, four dramas have been revealed out of the five protagonists.

Kazuma Kiryu: The big "Dragon of Doujima," is currently a lowly taxi driver for the Eishu taxi service. Kiryu's chapter will apparently involve safe driving simulators and racing against car gangs in the city and on Japan's highways.


Taiga Saejima: After getting lost in the snowy mountains, Taiga must survive the wilderness with his wits and a hunting rifle. Taiga's chapter will involve hunting and trapping wild animals as well as surviving the changing weather and dangers of the snow and ice.

Haruka Sawamura: Following her dream to become an idol, Haruka seeks to win the "Princess League" competition and become the number one idol in western Japan. Haruka's chapter will be less action-based with idol lessons and interviews.

Tatsuo Shinada: The former professional baseball star, Tatsuo meets up with a former teammate by accident and is given a batting challenge. Tasuo's chapter will be based around his training as a batter.

At present, there is no word on the Another Drama for the fifth protagonist, Shun Akiyama. Considering his job as a money lender, it may focus on business or economics. Personally I just hope there's a scene in Kiryu's chapter where Kiryu says, "You talkin' to me?"

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