Beware Parents! Your Child Could Get into The Animes.Via Tumblr Yaoi Fight, here are some signs that your child might be under the influence of the substance commonly known as "The Animes":

•making an account on - While it appears innocent, this website is actually a black market for different types of "The Animes." It contains the highest concentration of animes abusers worldwide.

•changing their typing habits - If your Honors student starts typing sentences that substitute "teh" for "the" or uses asterisks for actions (i.e., *noms on you XD*) or starts adding -chan to the end of names, "The Animes" have most likely gotten to a near-irreversible state that requires years of therapy.

So talk to your kids, before it's too late.

Signs Your Child May Be Under the Influence [Yaoi Fight]