One Gorgeous Built-In Desk PC, Courtesy of IkeaIkea is known for its low-cost, low-quality, do-it-yourself furniture. That, and its meatballs. Since meatballs make lousy computer enclosures, community member Kaxtos went with a Galant unit for the basis of his gorgeous desk-built PC. I'd say it was a wise choice.

Nothing quite this beautiful has ever seen the inside of an Ikea. Kaxtos took the basic Galant right-side desk ($160 at your local Ikea meatball restaurant) and built upon that shaky foundation this masterpiece of a custom PC. It's got shaped wood panels, curved Plexiglas with skillfully sanded decorations, a touchscreen CPU monitor, and tons of blue LED lighting, the hallmark of a proper PC case mod. He even crafted custom light tubes out of PVC pipes. That's ingenuity!

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All in all it looks like the entire project from start to finish took Kaxtos a little over a week, or almost as long as it takes to put together a piece of Ikea furniture.

I've always wanted a desk-built custom PC, but then I think about how much I love to change around my furniture and the craving stops. Now and then the urge rises anew, and I live vicariously through folks like Kaxtos here. Thanks, Kaxtos!

Hit up the link below for a full gallery of production shots.

Project KAPROS - IKEA Galant PC Desk Mod!!! []