Junior High Kid Arrested in a Great Condom Caper Earlier this year, four junior high school students apparently broke into a shuttered love hotel . Love hotels are the Japanese equivalent of "no tell motels", where couples can meet for trysts. They typically offer complimentary condoms.

These four junior high students supposedly stole a huge amount of unused rubbers from a shutdown love hotel. One of the four, a fourteen year-old junior high student, was arrested today for stealing around 1,300 condoms.

Police are planning to arrest the remaining three students.


On the day of the robbery, a cop stopped the students. While questioning the teens, he discovered their loot: an enormous quantity of condoms.

It's not known whether the teenagers hoped to sell the condoms or just fantasize about using them. All of them.

高校生、コンドーム大量窃盗疑い 和歌山市内のラブホテルから [47news]

(Top photo: Feng Li/Staff | Getty)