To-Do In New York: Be Part of a 200-Person Sci-Fi Video Game in a Planetarium

What are you doing on Thursday evening? If you're in New York City or the surrounding area, consider going to Cosmic Cocktails and Space Arcade, an event at the American Museum of Natural History's Rose Center for Earth and Space.

To put it another way: Go play a 200-person video game inside a planetarium!

Here's how they're describing the main event of this two-hour arcade/party:


Join us as Ivan Safrin and Babycastles unveil a 200 person co-operative SPACE GAME made for the Hayden Planetarium Dome. This game will transform the planetarium into a living, breathing, space ship where participants will be able to navigate around a beautiful fictitious universe. Greg Fox will play a live sound track and Stephin Merritt will be the recorded voice of the on board computer system.

There will be some other indie, space-y games there. Plus, an open bar and live music. (I think I'll be there too, but don't let that cloud your judgment.)

And... because the museum wants you there, one of their reps says you can use the discount code BEYOND to get 40% off of the event's $75 price.

Order tickets here

Cosmic Cocktails and Space Arcade
Location: Rose Center for Earth & Space, 200 Central Partk West, NY, NY (Google map of the location) (That's the festival location; check the schedule for Babyscastles and other venues)
When: Thursday, January 26 6:30-8:30

(Top photo by Ida C. Benedetto| Babycastles)