id Software's Rage is out there ready to be purchased, or rented, and played. But should you invest the time and money? Here's Kotaku's Gut Check:

Evan Narcisse: Buy it to see whether ID can make a game with modern sensibilities, or how appealing their old-school approach still is. Buy it to see where the tech for the next-gen machines starts. Buy it because it's pretty and the closest thing to a Road Warrior experience we're getting anytime soon.

Verdict: Yes


Stephen Totilo: Yes, if you are weird like me and play first-person shooters for their campaign, since this one looks good and has very satisfying gunplay. But if you need your shooter to have competitive multiplayer, wait for Battlefield or Modern Warfare 3.

Verdict: Yes

Brian Crecente: Yes, absolutely. Rage is a shooter that feels like a role-playing game. That makes it the other side of the Fallout coin, perfect for people more interested in shooting than talking. Eight hours in and only just settling into the game's second disc, what few qualms I have about the game are completely overwhelmed by the endless things I love about its design, look, feel and even sound.


Verdict: Yes

Make sure to check back next week, once the game and its multiplayer has had a chance to breathe, to read my full, in-depth review of Rage. It's also worth noting that the PC version of the game was not accessible to anyone until the game officially launched at midnight. These gut checks are based on the console versions.

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