Rockstar and Team Bondi have more cases for L.A. Noire gamers to play soon. One, Reefer Madness, surely involves a wacky weed of some sort. The other involves the explosion you see above (well, you'd see it if not for that darn age-gate).


Those cases and a pile of other additions to L.A. Noire—suits, guns, an extra mission mode—will be available as downloadable content between now and the middle of July.

Rockstar is offering fans a chance to pay $10 for a "Rockstar Pass" that will guarantee gamers all of the content for half the price. Otherwise, you can buy what you want a la carte. Be aware that you may have a few of these items already, if you had pre-ordered the game from certain retailers (the Reefer Madness vice case and explosion-based Nicholson Electroplating Disaster arson case will be new to everyone.)

The trailer shows all of the DLC content off. For a la carte pricing, check our original story about all of this L.A.Noire-expanding content.