Shoot Targets to Get Duke Nukem Girls ToplessS

Putting new meaning in "flash game", Duke Nudem is a browser title in which players shoot targets in a game of strip shooting. Winning peels clothes off your female rival. Losing, theoretically, gets you naked.

There's AK-47 totting Stacy, shotgun Jo, Vicky with her MP5 and the unlockable Rose and her M-16. As prizes, players get wallpaper images, featuring topless photos of the girls.

For those of you who do not like nipples (or are wasting time at your job), there is a safe for work version, too.

The game is from the folks who are bringing you Duke Nukem and Boob Tube, the folks that bring you, well, boobs.

Shoot Targets to Get Duke Nukem Girls Topless

Boob Nukem [Boob Tube]