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Bedtime Stories

Goodbye, So Long...Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's First Teaser Shows Off Fast-Paced Zombie Slaughter

Undead creatures swarm, bullets fly, and gas stations explode in this action-packed first look at Slant Six Games' Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. More »

Goodbye, So Long...Is Crysis 2 the Machine Killer Its Daddy Was?

Crytek and EA unleashed the highly anticipated sequel to Crysis last week. While waiting for it to become available Down Under, I found myself reading numerous reviews about the game. More »

Goodbye, So Long...SOCOM 4 Turns The Hurt Locker Into A PlayStation 3 Sport

War video games let us pretend we're in movies. They may let us pretend we're in actual war, but come on, not really. We're the great hero in war video games. More »

Goodbye, So Long...BurgerTime Has Never Looked So Meaty

After giving us a few tantalizing peeks at the high definition remake of the culinary classic platformer, MonkeyPaw Games delivers a handful of scintillating new screens for BurgerTime HD. More »


Goodbye, So Long...The Future of Full-Immersion Virtual Reality Used to Play a 99 Cent Game

This CAVE system has 3D spacial recognition technology, the ability to "place sound" over a 5.1 sound system, an infrared camera tracking system, a floor that can thump to accent gameplay and haptic feedback through a Wii remote. So what do you do with all of that impressive technology? More »

Goodbye, So Long...When Racing Through An Earthquake Feels Inappropriate

This is natural disaster as roller coaster ride. The race starts with a helicopter drop onto a collapsing highrise. My ATV lands as the building leans, falling like a domino into the adjacent building. More »

Goodbye, So Long...The Ridiculously Short Arrival Staples Mass Effect 2 To Mass Effect 3

The Arrive downloadable content pack for BioWare's award-winning Mass Effect 2 has been unleashed, giving players one last chance to spend some quiet time with Commander Shepard before the trilogy's Earth-shattering conclusion. More »

While Trish and I are travelers by nature (no roots, *waves hand under pot*), it is with a bit of sadness that I leave the state that saw the birth of my son, the death of my niece, the birth of Kotaku, the death of the Rocky Mountain News. I'll miss you Colorado, but I have high hopes for New York. –Brian Crecente

Goodbye, So Long...
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