Dream Club is a hostess simulator that lets players get drunk (virtually) and talk to girls (virtual ones). There's singing, too!

The series spawned on the Xbox 360 and has a niche, but dedicated following in Japan. Niche, but dedicated following? That means only one thing: sculpted, collectible figures.

This 1/7 scale statue of Dream Club's Amane will be out this April and set you back ¥9,240 or US$114. Red sofas and glimpses of plastic underpants don't come cheap!


太ももの絶対領域が素晴らしすぎ。大きなソファーも丸ごと付属 A-LABEL「DREAM C CLUB 亜麻音」の彩色サンプル - moeyo.com [Moeyo.com]