Free | I spent the past week going through all of the free things sent Kotaku by game companies. This is about half of that stuff. All destined for Kotaku's fundraiser later this week. (Photo: Brian Crecente)

Bedtime Stories

Wall of SwagWhy 3D Isn't the 3DS' Greatest Achievement

The window into a world where I am a submarine commander, a street fighter, a pilot, a Jedi, pops outs at me in stunning 3D. More »

Wall of SwagSpace Games Don't Have To Be Cold And Lifeless

Kotaku commenter Jezuz feels that games set in outer space have become too cold and sterile. He shares his idea on how to liven up the airless void in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku. More »

Wall of SwagLive Programming Returns to The Xbox 360 With Full House Poker

I wasn't very interested in the Xbox 360's 1 Vs. 100 until it was almost dead. More »

Wall of SwagThere Are Many Ways To Play Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Adam Jensen doesn't have to be a cold-blooded killer. Using a combination of stealth, technology, and social skills, Jensen can go through the entire game only killing bosses. Narrative game designer Mary DeMarle shows us how. More »


Wall of SwagA Game That Will Terrify Your Kids Into Never Going Outside Again

Spring has returned, a time when children across the country turn off their video game consoles and venture out into the woods, building tree forts and rolling about in the underbrush. That is, until they play Tick Tackler. Then they're never going outside again. More »

Wall of SwagOur Favorite Gaming Reads

It's been a long time since we've pointed you to some of our favorite gaming reads on the Internet, and there are so many deserving sites. More »

Wall of SwagMadden's Cover Competition has 32 Candidates, and the Fans are One

Here is the 32-player field of candidates for the cover of Madden NFL 12. Well, 31 players and "The 12th Man," a salute to the diehard fans of the Seattle Seahawks (10th seed, versus Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers). More »

Wall of SwagCan Serena Williams' Ass Interest You In Some Top Spin 4?

Before we go any further, we're going to wager that, due to the jiggling booty on display, the repeated grunts of satisfaction, the dripping bodily fluids and the attire inappropriate for most tennis courts, this ad for Top Spin 4 could be categorized as NSFW. More »

Wall of SwagThe FP Is A Perfectly Bizarre Blend Of The Warriors And Dance Dance Revolution

One part futuristic gang movie, one part tribute to Konami's hot-stepping rhythm game Dance Dance Revolution, The FP is a movie that's goofy and gritty enough to make it a must-see. More »

Wall of SwagNintendo Doesn't Want ‘Garage Developers,' Drawing A Line That Puts Apple On The Other Side

Sharpening a divide between the version of the games industry they like and the version in which they don't want to participate, Nintendo has stated that it doesn't want to work with "garage" developers. More »

Wall of SwagOkamiden, An Unintended Tribute To A Wounded Nation

It is no catharsis to use a Nintendo DS stylus to restore beauty to the ravaged mythical Japan of Okamiden, not while the real Japan stands bruised by natural disaster. More »

Wall of SwagWhat Do You Get When You Cross An Xbox 360 With An Atari 2600?

Modder supreme Ben Heck marries Microsoft's current-generation console with an Atari 2600 to create the lovable monstrosity known as the Xbox 360 1977 Edition, making us wonder why faux wood paneling ever went out of style. More »

The fundraiser for Japan earthquake relief is days away. Looks like it's all coming together nicely. –Brian Crecente

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