These little castles are really neat! I wanted to get one of them — I even like the old Japanese apartment building.

Getting Prettier DS Games On The 3DS Means Shrinkage What you trade for beauty, you lose in size. The Nintendo 3DS is able to play Nintendo DS games, but some gamers are complaining that the games are not as sharp as they can be. No worries, there's a fix.

How Video Games Can Build A Better Brothel It's the oldest profession in the world, but even in the free and easy 21st century, prostitution is still something that makes a lot of people squirm. Makes them feel uncomfortable. Maybe games can change that.

Is Making Final Fantasy A Nightmare? The last big Final Fantasy title to hit store shelves, Final Fantasy XIII, was years in the making. The end result was a disappointment, with many of those who worked on the game leaving studio Square Enix (or even worse, apparently).

The Delicate Art Of Holding Big Weapons (And Wearing Funny Clothes) Cosplay is more about wearing ridiculous outfits in front of less than ideal convention center backgrounds. No, it is also about holding large, badass weapons. Very important, folks!

Elderly Japanese Newscaster Will Own You In Resident Evil Shiro Suzuki is a legendary Japanese broadcaster with a career spanning decades, and now encompassing variety programs. But as the 73-year-old enters his golden years, he's become more noted for something else: kicking ass at video games.