I flew into San Francisco today. I'm actually sitting in a middle to back row of The Great Gamification Debate as I write this. GDC is SO on. Also, check back in a few hours for an interesting new game announcement.

Resistance, Mutilated Bodies and Kylie MinogueThink Fast, Shoot Fast, Kick Ass

In many ways, Playstation 3 first-person shooter Resistance was a return to their roots for the studio behind Ratchet and Clank and Spyro the Dragon. First-person shooters were what got founder Ted Price into the business of making games. The first game Insomniac Games made was shooter Disruptor... More »

Resistance, Mutilated Bodies and Kylie MinogueWill Video Games Age Gracefully?

Commenter EcksJay22 wonders if video games will hold up as well as the classic films of yesteryear in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku. I was playing some Splinter Cell yesterday and remembering how jaw-droppingly amazing it's graphics were at the time. More »

Resistance, Mutilated Bodies and Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue Inspires The Fanciest Kinect Sensor

Australian pop singer and tragic one-shot Doctor Who companion Kylie Minogue's European tour is sponsored by Microsoft Kinect and Dance Central, and this crystal-studded Kinect sensor is the by-product of that union. More »

Resistance, Mutilated Bodies and Kylie MinogueL.A. Noire Examines Death In All of Its Misery

Elizabeth Short was beaten, sliced lips to ears, forced to eat excrement and then cut in half and drained of blood. Her gruesome death on Jan. 15, 1947 was never solved despite the efforts of LA's best police and worst journalists. More »


Resistance, Mutilated Bodies and Kylie MinogueIn The Beautiful Belly Of PixelJunk Shooter 2, There Lies A Better Bite Of Call of Duty

For one third of PixelJunk Shooter 2, players will command a small spaceship whose guns and thrusters must contend with the small problems of creatures that belch missiles or lava and with the large problem that the caves through which it flies are intestines churned with the processes of... More »

Resistance, Mutilated Bodies and Kylie MinogueGears of War 3's Designer On Betas, Bugs & Cheerleader Outfits

Gears of War design director Cliff Bleszinski wants you to play his game's upcoming beta, not only to extract a "metric fuckton of data" from your playing time, but for you to upload whatever bugs you see to YouTube. Bleszinski, who says the April-due Gears of War 3 beta is as much about weapon and... More »